FancyLash is an Eye-lash and eye-brow salon based in Surry Hills Sydney. Prior to working with Skypoynt, salon director Kathy Duong was exploring ways in which she could increase online presence and generate higher conversion rates for online bookings. Skypoynt was first hired to implement a Google Search ads campaign for FancyLash which kicked off in late May 2019. On auditing and reviewing the site, Tom Pritchard quickly identified the challenges that the old website faced and on meeting with Kathy, the decision was made to invest in a rebuild of the FancyLash website.




👨‍💻 3.5x

Page views per website visitor.
First 30 days from website launch.

🏁 30

Project total days to completion. 
Total project time - engagement to publish


Website traffic - New user increase 
First 30 days from website launch.

FancyLash's New Fancy SquareSpace is a Squarespace driven website built using the Business level subscription in Squarespace. Utilising a custom installation of Google Tag Manager to install Google Analytics and Google Ads tracking with cross domain goal and traffic activity measurement across both the FancyLash site and GetTimely booking panel.

Fancy Lash before website redevelopment Fancy Lash after Skypoynt redevelopment

Integrated Appointment Booking GetTimely

FancyLash uses the GetTimely platform for setting client appointments and booking management. For Fancy, we tailored the application by creating custom booking profiles 

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 1.21.58 pm

Installing Conversion Tracking across multiple domains.

One of the challenges of using a third party booking application, is that often a user reaches the site goal (or in this case, appointment booking) away from the primary domain. To overcome this requires some careful planning and the setup of Cross-domain goal tracking in Google Analytics.


Technologies Used
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