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How we leveraged Google Search Ads, Landing Pages, Conversion rate optimization, and SEO services to build a reliable source of profit for Conveyancing and Property Law firm Gavel & Page Property and Construction Lawyers.


About Gavel & Page

Case Study Background

Gavel & Page is a leading conveyancing and property law firm located in Kingsford, Sydney NSW.

Gavel & Page was built on the premise of creating a modern take on a legal services firm aiming to build a culture that was modern, flexible, accommodating, innovative and refreshing. 

In 2017 Joseph Taouk (Principal Lawyer - Gavel & Page) had the vision to scale lead generation using their new website, which at the time had never converted a visitor to an inquiry.

Following initial meetings, Skypoynt was selected as an agency partner, and a roadmap and program strategy was proposed by Tom Pritchard (Skypoynt Strategic Director).

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"The ability to balance a long term organic growth strategy, with the short term business revenue needs, sets these guys apart. They talk P&L rather than just campaign performance metrics."

Campaign Objective

Our primary objective was to build a consistent and reliable lead generation program that delivers a predictable source of leads from organic and paid traffic sources.

Our Plan 

 As our priority was to obtain a positive ROI as soon as possible we built our initial campaign roadmap with a primary focus on search advertising. This would provide us with a nearly instant source of traffic that had a high intent to inquire about conveyancing services.

Timeline: Month 1 - 6
Our initial priority was to achieve a positive return on investment. To do this we built our initial campaign roadmap with a primary focus on search advertising and conversion optimization. This would provide us with a nearly instant source of traffic that had a high intent to inquire about conveyancing services.

Timeline: Month 7 - ongoing
Once our campaign was generating consistent revenue, we added organic search optimization to our active ongoing investments.  

Once established, our campaign consisted of investments across three key pillars that we believe are critical to growth.

  • Attention investments - activities that drive more targeted traffic to the website; in this case more people searching for a conveyancer.
    • Google Search Advertising (PPC).
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Experience investments - activities that improve the user experience for visitors coming from your attention investments.
    • Landing Pages
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Relationship investments - Using a CRM tool to capture prospect information and enhancing the overall experience for prospects, leads, and ultimately, customers.
    • HubSpot CRM 
    • Sales automation  

Challenges - The Growing Cost of PPC 

According to the report titled “The future of the Australian conveyancing industry 2025 and 2030” published by Deloitte Access Economics in June 2018, there are around 6,000 registered businesses and professionals that provide conveyancing services in Australia. This makes for a digital landscape that is highly competitive. 

Despite the challenge, the campaign has seen consistent growth, but the nature of the competitive industries has also meant that leveraging Google Search ads has meant increasing costs to attract conveyancing client enquiries.

Consequently, we recommended that Gavel & Page invest in SEO to increase their organic presence over time, so as to slowly reduce the sole reliance on PPC advertising to gain leads for their conveyancing business. 

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Organic SEO Investment 

Gavel & Page have applied significant investment to their SEO, but the payoff is evident. 

As of 2021 online enquiries coming from organic traffic sources make up 20% of total reported leads. 

"Prior to 2017, our customers were all sourced from referrals and word of mouth." 

Joseph Taouk - Principal - Gavel & Page Lawyers


Hubspot & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) 

Another aspect of the campaign that has been imperative for growth has been the use of HubSpot. The all-in-one  marketing, sales, and service platform helps us to: 

  • Implement digital marketing programs
  • Track and manage conveyancing leads, and;
  • Optimise performance across the funnel.

Our use of Hubspot engages their best practice for the design and delivery of landing pages to enhance the digital experience for prospective customers. It also enables the client automated follow-up activities for their leads as outlined below. 

Landing pages were designed for the target audience and they enabled us to build content such as the form that captures data directly. The page offers the user-specific feedback and pricing based on the transaction they are undertaking and select. The process then enables automated follow-up which increases the value of the leads, which in turn drives increased conversion rates. 



Building Social Proof 

Social proof has become imperative for any business, and Gavel & Page wanted this front and centre. Hubspot allowed us to semi-automate the process, implementing an email sequence that engages Gavel & Page customers in the months following their property sale or purchase. The email congratulates their client on their successful result, and invites them to provide a review of Gavel & Page through their Google My Business page.

Following the setup of the review sequence, we supported the Gavel & Page team with training so they could manage the process internally. Giving the team the ability to handle the process saved them money on our service/management fees, and allowed them to deploy the funds into activities that deliver the most value for money. 

The reward for setting this up, is that as of July 2021, Gavel & Page have 80+ Google reviews demonstrating and elevating their social proof.


Campaign Outcomes



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Conversion Rates 

We analysed the conversion results of the conveyancing campaign against the average conversion rates for the legal industry.  According to data analysed by Google Ads, the legal industry sees a conversion rate of 4.35%. 

Throughout our service delivery to Gavel & Page, we have consistently seen their landing page conversion rate for Conveyancing services perform at over 10%.

Return On Spend 

The graph highlights the return on total spend broken up bi-annually since January 2017.

The data that is measured references the total dollars in revenue generated for every $1 of money spent.

The spend includes all agency fees, HubSpot subscription fees, advertising and/or media budget and any other digital service/hosting fees invested by Gavel & Page. 


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