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How we took two dental practices online booking process, from dormant to market dominant in under 12 months.


VC Dental are the leading expert in Dental services for the Gosford area for the past 30 years. They are committed to providing outstanding customer service, alongside the best dental care, and oral health education on the Central Coast.

Partnering with VC Dental since late 2016, Skypoynt have established themselves as a true digital advisor for VC Dental. Providing a pathway for digital transformation of a multi-location dental business. By combining the right pillars within the customer channel of the digital growth system, VC Dental have maintained their place as a leader within the competitive dental industry on the Central Coast.


⬆️ 84%

Increase in online patient appointment bookings.
12 months to Dec 18.


New Patient revenue acquired
12 months to Dec 18. 


Organic website traffic increase YOY.
12 months to Dec 18.

New Website To Improve Digital Experience is a Foundation 5 powered, mobile responsive, Business Catalyst website. Leveraging custom developed web apps, Skypoynt delivered a site that boasts content personalisation capabilities using HTML Liquid rendering.

vcHistoricaboutpage VCDentalHomePage

VC Dental care, that begins in the browser.

Digital Growth System programs demand ongoing investment that allow us to establish continual activities that we like to call "Growth cycles."

Leveraging these growth cycles we were able to deliver a user experience that truly connected with patients, providing them with oral care and support, that began from their first visit to the website.

Features included:

  • Interactive content for user engagement and help.

  • Integrated HubSpot messages chat window connecting patients to the VC Dental team.

  • Intelligent patient data management with integrated CRM (HubSpot), progressive profiling for on-site forms and integration between practice management software and digital data.

Organic Website Users - VC Dental

Organic traffic, that doubles every year.

The power of a well defined organic growth strategy coupled with the continuous improvement cycle have allowed us to benefit greatly from organic web traffic. At current, the VC Dental website continues to see organic traffic growth of 80%-100% growth year on year.


Technologies Used

Lee Woodward

Principal - VC Dental 
"Since going live, we have had a number of patients mention how much of an improvement our website is. We have also noticed a significant increase in website enquiries and bookings. That alone justifies the investment for us! Thank you Skypoynt!"

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