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A comprehensive guide to the abundance of tools and services to supercharge your digital marketing.  


Skypoynt is Australia’s only dedicated digital marketing agency for growing Conveyancing firms. We offer services and tools to provide conveyancers with everything to implement an effective digital marketing and sales strategy, to get your firm in front of the local market.

The digitisation of land and property transfer processes along with leading software systems extending integration with the new PEXA property settlement system presents your conveyancing business with the opportunity to enhance your digital presence.

It’s the ideal time to consider your systems including the development and integration of a robust digital marketing strategy to streamline work processes for your team, improve your client experience, and get in front of the right customers at the right time.

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The Digital Marketing Gap for Conveyancers

Through our experience and some in-depth research, we have identified there is a digital marketing gap for conveyancers to benefit from by investing in digital marketing. 

Page competition score was a standout at a low 56% indicating the lack of competition for the search term ‘conveyancing Sydney’. Compare that with other search term scores such as ‘online digital marketing courses’ (86%), and ‘mens business shirts’ (99%), and you see our point. 

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Your Local Expertise is a Weapon

There us a huge variance of good vs bad results when you search ‘conveyancer near me’. This means potential clients are having the same problem. 

‘Near me’ searches are one of the most common searches, so it’s imperative that your Google Business Profile is claimed and optimised. 

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Essential SEO Tips for Conveyancers and Property Lawyers  

Users searching for conveyancing services also search for legal advice surrounding their specific situation, and the process involved. They have questions. Content that addresses the user queries, and that other firms don’t answer, can enable search engines to find you.

It's a long game, and there’s more to it than keywords. You won’t get onto the 1st page of any SERP from the outset, but we can offer you some tips to speed up the kickstart

In practical terms, you won’t really understand how essential it is, until you start undertaking your SEO activities, and optimising. Optimisation activities can include benchmarketing against your competitors, and incorporating Google Analytics into your processes. 

Beyond keywords it’s about content, it should not only be RELEVANT, it should be updated and optimised regularly. A content calendar helps with your optimisation tasks and will streamline your content marketing for SEO strategy. 

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Conveyancers Need an Effective Digital Sales and Marketing System 

Much of the assumption that property lawyers and conveyancers - lawyers in general really - don’t typically perceive digital marketing, as a strategic and viable business driver is based on the fact that they are necessary services, and unlike other businesses and industries that NEED to attract clientele for survival, they don’t. 

However, with the digitisation of the industry, and ever-growing competition in the market, conveyancers need an effective sales and marketing system. It’s why you SHOULD be using a CRM in your conveyancing firm; your CRM will become the nexus around which everything - including your digital strategy - operates for your business. 

So what if we told you that you could build a comprehensive (and FREE) digital sales and marketing system for your conveyancing business that includes one of the best CRMs in the world?

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Spearheading Your Firm's Digital Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t realigned your digital marketing strategy or indeed your marketing strategy to include digital tools post pandemic - you’re putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage. 

The online space is where you need to be, and adopting and strengthening your digital strategy offers you alignment with the changing digital landscape of the industry, consumer confidence, insights for continuous improvement, demonstrated expertise and authority and enhanced local presence. 

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Content, Content, Content - Your Conveyancing Strategy 

If you do have a website, you’ll likely offer your potential customers information, FAQs, perhaps in text format in the shape of blogs and whitepapers etc? 

But have you really thought about how your users would like to consume your information - or content, and how you can make the most of it as part of your strategy? 

Content is king, particularly original content, and video marketing was the big clincher for consumers in 2021, and it’s only going to get stronger. Video content can enable your conveyancing firm to convey complex information, simply. 

Even FAQs now are a highly considered content marketing tool, so thinking about how you present your content to attract, engage and convert your audience is an important part of your overal digital strategy. 

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Landing Pages Vs Webpages & Websites 

Your home page and website pages offer the grand tour of your conveyancing firm and industry, and they have many goals - including encouraging your potential customers to explore. 

And yes, there are some great websites we’ve identified, that can educate and inform your potential customers, that offer users a great experience to engage with your content, and get all the information they need. 

Landing pages don’t do that.  They are focused on one goal - to increase conversions for your marketing. There is nowhere to go but where you want them to - or back off. Your conveyancer landing page is a call to action, and we show you the essential characteristics of a conveyancer landing page. 

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Social Media & LinkedIn for Conveyancers

When looking at how to promote your conveyancing firm, overlooking social media can be a costly mistake. 

Now that smartphones are in the hands of some 20 million Australian consumers, you have to realise that leveraging the social channels is a viable option for professional services. 

Boosting your reach, attracting new clients, increasing the ways for consumers to find you, enhanced engagement with your audience, community and network, a boost to your SEO, and heightened authority and trustworthiness are just a few of the benefits. 

Linkedin gets a real close up inspection for conveyancers as it’s a platform of thought leaders across every industry. We explore the benefits it’s features and networking opportunities offer for your firm.  

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PPC Advertising - Enhance your SEO and Supercharge Your Marketing 

While your SEO campaign is a slow burn, you can supercharge your marketing with a complimentary Google Ads PPC (Pay-per-click) campaign. They work well together - as your organic SEO improves over time, your need to undertake intense PPC advertising can decrease. 

Despite what you may assume its optimisation makes it extremely cost-effective; results can be achieved in a few hours, and it affords you testing and analytics to measure and improve your strategy. 

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Personas: Getting Your Conveyancing Customers Right

When you target everybody - you effectively target nobody.

Sure, all of your potential clients are buying or selling property, but that’s where the similarity ends. However, they aren’t all completely unique either- they will fall into clusters or categories of people based on their likes, lifestyles, and demographics. 

These personas should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing and sales strategy.

We’ll show you how to develop some basic personas, so you can gain an insider perspective on your potential clients' motivations, improve the customer experience, determine where to commit your time, and tailor your marketing content to your varied client personas. 

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Final Word

Digital marketing encompasses a holistic approach to the way you attract customers,  empower your team, and drive your firm’s innovation and growth. 

Getting the right tools into your sales and marketing processes has an abundance of benefits. 

  • It’s cost-effective and will offer a higher return on investment than what you are likely seeing in your current activities. It will improve your conversion rate. 
  • It’s perfect for small firms, as it evens the competitive playing field. 
  • It’s in your control; the amount you spend, and the customisation of your marketing. You can change and adapt it at any time. 
  • You know your customers best, so you can get in front of the right people, at the right time effectively; no wasting time on time wasters. 
  • It’s transparent and it’s measurable. You and your team can identify what’s working and what’s not, empowering everybody to take stock and make improvements where necessary. 

Here at Skypoynt, we know our Conveyancer Growth Program will offer your conveyancing firm all of the above and more. 

We are so sure we can improve your conversion rates, that we offer a CRO Guarantee if there are no improvements after 3 months. We will work with your firm for FREE* until there is.

We also offer our program exclusively to only one conveyancing operator in any LGA throughout Australia, so we can work with you to outrun your direct competition.

Make an appointment to talk to us - or just give us a call. We are here to help you grow.

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