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A comprehensive guide to the abundance of tools and services to supercharge your digital marketing.  


Skypoynt is Australia’s only dedicated digital marketing agency for growing Conveyancing firms. We offer services and tools to provide conveyancers with everything to implement an effective digital marketing and sales strategy, to get your firm in front of the local market.

The digitisation of land and property transfer processes along with leading software systems extending integration with the new PEXA property settlement system presents your conveyancing business with the opportunity to enhance your digital presence.

It’s the ideal time to consider your systems including the development and integration of a robust digital marketing strategy to streamline work processes for your team, improve your client experience, and get in front of the right customers at the right time.

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The Digital Marketing Gap for Conveyancers

Through our experience and some in-depth research, we have identified there is a digital marketing gap for conveyancers to benefit from by investing in digital marketing.

Page competition score was a standout at a low 56% indicating the lack of competition for the search term ‘conveyancing Sydney’. Compare that with other search term scores such as ‘online digital marketing courses’ (86%), and ‘mens business shirts’ (99%), and you see our point.

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Your Local Expertise is a Weapon

We also discovered a huge variance of good and bad results through our ‘conveyancer near me’ keyword research, which means inconsistency for potential clients. The commonly used ‘near me’ search is an important element of online marketing for conveyancers, as local expertise is one of the best marketing tools at their disposal.

We believe that’s why Google My Business is critical for conveyancers as a first step to improving search presence. The FREE tool offers customization for your conveyancing firm and will put you firmly in the crosshairs of those searching for your services in your area from their mobile phones.

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Even Conveyancers Need an Effective Digital Sales & Marketing System, and YES, a CRM Is Necessary!

Property lawyers and conveyancers - even lawyers in general - don’t typically perceive marketing, including digital marketing, as a strategic and viable business driver. We know because we’ve had the conversation with many in the industry. Much of that assumption is based on the fact that they are necessary services, and unlike other businesses and industries that NEED to attract clientele for survival, they don’t.

However, with the digitisation of the industry, and ever growing competition in the market, conveyancers need an effective sales and marketing system. It’s why you SHOULD be using a CRM in your conveyancing firm; your CRM will become the nexus around which everything operates for your business.

So what if we told you that there is a way to kick start your 2022 marketing strategy, and that you could build a comprehensive (and FREE) digital sales and marketing system for your conveyancing business that includes one the best CRMs in the world?

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Hubspot - the software platform that enables you to market and sell more effectively is a perfect fit for conveyancing firms. Implementing Hubspot can help your firm to:

  • Centralise all of your client and partner data and documents
  • Align your sales and marketing to the same goals - so your team members are all working toward the same target
  • Facilitate and automate your sales and conveyancing process
  • Optimise your inbound marketing strategy by generating better leads - more often!
  • Increase your return on investment (ROI)

The multitude of benefits and FREE tools that Hubspot offers will supercharge your processes. Think unlimited users, centralised data, email integrations, live chat for your website to capture leads 24/7, relationship management, insights AND scalability.

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Spearheading Your Digital Marketing Strategy

While incorporating a CRM into your digital business model - free or otherwise - is fundamental to your strategy, it needs to work with other factors. Alignment of your current digital assets, such as your website, is one of the digital marketing strategy tips we also recommend.

Effective digital integration of tools that work together for your firm’s operations and marketing offers the following benefits:

  • Alignment with the changing digital landscape of the conveyancing industry equals consumer confidence.
  • Insights from data and analytics for continuous improvement
  • Industry expertise and authority is demonstrated by your website content.

You can position yourself in front of users locally, and demonstrate local expertise and experience.

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Conveyancers, Property Lawyers and SEO 

One of the first questions we get asked when talking to conveyancers and property lawyers is ‘Should I invest in SEO for my conveyancing firm?’. 

Think about this. 

Users searching for conveyancing or property law services also search for legal advice surrounding their specific situation, and the process involved. Your reach to these users can be improved by content such as FAQs, blogs, articles and resources on your site that answer potential client queries through Google and other search engines. 

SEO research can also identify where information is lacking for potential conveyancing clients, then activities can be implemented to address these gaps to attract users with relevant information. Content that addresses queries that other firms aren’t can set you aside as an expert and thought leader in your space. 

However, you have to realise SEO is a long game, it’s continuous improvement. It’s not the quick fix. You won’t be on the 1st page of any SERP from the outset. 

Continuously optimising your copy and content, addressing current issues within the industry, and offering insight to queries that nobody else is addressing will strengthen your position, expertise, authority and trustworthiness. The content you offer on your website should not only be RELEVANT, it should be updated and optimised regularly. 

So the answer to the question is a resounding - YES! 

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Essential SEO Marketing Tips & Strategies.

We may have jumped the gun above, because there are fundamental things you need to do before you run headlong into SEO activities on your website content, and there is a little more to it than just keywords.

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Boost and Streamline your SEO Activities

If we were going to advise key SEO marketing tips and strategies for conveyancing firms, we’d say yes, keyword research is essential, but there are some key things in your planning and set up to undertake first.  

Google Analytics - you can’t improve anything if you can’t measure it, so you need to know what’s working, and what’s not. Setting up your analytics so you can see just about everything, means you can improve well, just about everything!

Benchmarking. This is where we jumped the gun, as benchmarking is the first step in your keyword strategy. Benchmarking correctly will help you identify;

  • the gaps where you don't rank (and your competitors do),
  • if and how you are being outranked and if it's worth fixing 
  • the best performing activities, so you can adjust your strategy to improve your ranking and authority in the space. 

Develop a Content Calendar. A calendar will keep you on track and help you manage your digital content. Content needs to be engaging and good quality, and answer user questions. Some should be evergreen (such as a guide on how sellers can present their property, or a real estate glossary) and some should be trending/seasonal (like how the pandemic has affected the market in your locale.)

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PPC Advertising - Enhance your SEO and Supercharge Your Marketing

While your SEO campaign is a slow burn, you can supercharge your marketing with a complementary Google Ads PPC (Pay-per-click) campaign. The symbiotic relationships sees you need for intense PPC ads decrease while your organic SEO improves. 

To convince you that conveyancers should use PPC the evidence is compelling: 

  • Fast and Targeted; it takes a few hours to set up, and for you to show up in user searches. How? Using the keywords that you specifically want to target will work, but you can also target devices, locations, personas, scheduled times and languages. 
  • Optimisation Ability = Cost Effective: everything is customisable from the keywords you target to the types of ads you want to use. This coupled with the fact that there is no minimum spend means even small firms can benefit from a PPC campaign. You control the factors that make the ads relevant to users. 
  • Analytics and Testing; measuring everything means you can improve everything to control your costs and optimise your advertising to meet your goals and expected outcomes. 

Some of Skypoynt’s current conveyancing clients are engaged in PPC advertising. We’ve put together a case study around one of our current clients that outlines our successful partnership. 

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Your Website: Your Best Asset.

Digital marketing is about getting people to your website, and converting them to clients. If your website is tired and irrelevant - forget the leads, let alone the conversions.  

When talking about website design with our clients, the first thing we recommend is to undertake some research. Web surf, identify what you like, and see what your industry competition is doing. If your website isn’t hitting the brief for you, find the ones that are, we guarantee there are website designs you will want to copy for your own. 

Your website is the billboard of your firm, and at the very least should have a visually attractive design that’s in line with your brand (colours, fonts and logo). It should reflect the culture of your team and the clients you want to work with - so is it time for a revamp? 

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The website content is vital; your expertise, authority and trustworthiness depend on it. At the very minimum Skypoynt recommend you include: 

  • Business and team profiles, outlining specialisations and including photos to promote professionalism, approachability and transparency. 
  • Services listing to include all areas of conveyancing and other legal services you offer. 
  • Resources and blogs that reflect the above services you offer, and that answer common client questions or offer recommendations to show confidence and expertise. 
  • Awards, achievements, links to professional publications,  and case studies to outline wins, challenges, and experience which demonstrate credibility and trust. 
  • Contact information for accessibility and targeting local audiences. 
  • Forms: anything from simple contact forms to cost calculators and quotes regarding your services should talk to your end game, as well as the users needs. 
  • Landing Page - can have text, images, video, forms and offers to showcase your conveyancing services. 
  • CTAs - your call-to-actions are the invitation for users to move to the next step in your funnel. Button text, button size and position will have an effect, but mostly they need to be relevant, not superfluous. 

The technical features you need to consider as standard are clean and simple navigation, fast loading times and responsive design across all devices - particularly mobile phones. Hubspot offers a great list of elements for the modern website

It’s the face of your business, and in most cases, you have less than 10 seconds to keep the user interested, so your content best be relevant to their query. 

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Social Media Marketing for Conveyancers and Property Lawyers 

While our Conveyancer Growth Program offers social media marketing as a wishlist item (outside of the core offerings of our base product/service) as part of your strategy , and we undertake it for a few of our clients, we are by no means experts on this element of digital marketing. That’s changing - we are getting on board, and increasing our own education, presence and activities. 

Social media marketing for conveyancers should be considered a crucial element in your overall marketing strategy. Video marketing has increased with the growth of social media platforms dedicated to the medium; it’s now a case of you have to be in it to win it.

While LinkedIn, seen as the serious big sister of the social media realm, has already been adopted by conveyancers and other professional industries -and we agree it should be your first move - we also recommend taking a look at the less obvious. We dig into what Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok might be able to offer your firm, especially in regards to video marketing. 

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Video Marketing is Here and Now!

TikTok took us by surprise. The newbie of video-sharing platforms has an astounding 800 million users globally, and it’s not going anywhere. And while Instagram still generates more money for its business clients than TikTok, experts are saying that even if your potential client base isn’t using it yet, they likely WILL BE moving ahead, so this might be worth the time and effort doing some research and getting involved now! 

One of the main benefits of investing the time and money to create video content for your marketing is that if you keep it short, relatable and relevant, you can (mostly) use it across multiple platforms, including your website. It’s not as expensive or difficult to create (TikTok has its own editing software within the app), and 89% of video marketing experts say that their ROI was overwhelmingly positive. It increases brand awareness, lead generation, website visits and sales. 

It’s unanimous really - it’s time for conveyancers to embrace social media and video marketing.


General tips for social media and video marketing are:

  • Research the platforms and where your potential customers hangout
  • Don’t hardsell or talk AT your users
  • Keep it simple and short
  • Be authentic and transparent - stay on brand
  • Create a content calendar and consider scheduling software
  • Use only quality content - shoddy work will sink you in this space
  • Undertake keyword and hashtag research
  • Be active - engage with your users, social media is a two-way street.
  • Network with other businesses, and form or get involved with communities.

Not all platforms will work for you - it will depend on your brand, your culture and the clients that you want to attract. It may be that a combination of social channels will work for you.

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Creating Personas for your Conveyancing Firm

Sure, all of your potential clients are buying or selling property, but that’s where the similarity ends. However, they aren’t all completely unique either. Your clients will fall into clusters or categories of people based on their likes, lifestyles, and demographics. 

Personas are the characters or identities that you create based on those categories, and they represent the potential clients that have common traits and/or desires in line with your current brand base. They are the cornerstone of your digital marketing and sales strategy.

Creating personas for your conveyancing firm offers many benefits including gaining insider perspective on your potential clients' motivations. You can also determine where to commit your time, improve your customer experience, and tailor your marketing content to your varied client base. Internally, undertaking the process can assist in improving your conveyancing processes and client touchpoints, and your completed customer personas are a valuable training and support tool for new staff onboarding in your firm. 

Creating your Conveyancing Personas. 

Obviously, digital tools will offer you detailed data for getting your conveyancing customers right, but you don’t need analytics to get started. You also don’t have to create dozens of different personas - keep it down to 3 or 4. 

  • Start interviewing current clients about why they chose to work with your firm.
  • Look at your historical client base to identify some of their common traits
  • Examine your sales data to see where leads came from and how they found you. 
  • Dig into your social media to gather information on similar clients, demographics. 
  • Look at your competitors and undertake some market research. 

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Who are Your Conveyancing Personas?

We are not the experts on your clientele, but we can undertake research, and we do have experience working with other conveyancers.

It’s obvious, even from these (basic) personas, the way you talk to your potential clients in your advertising, and the methods and platforms you use to target them, to be effective, will be different.

  • Petra Professional is online much of the time for business and networking (personal included). You will attract her with cold hard facts, polished marketing - likely video - through socials and eCommerce sites. Timeframes, reputation and convenience, will rule over bottom dollar fees. Content will be in-depth and professional to add more confidence to her decisions.
  • Neville New-Family - is also a little time poor. He is social media savvy, but you’ll need to catch his attention quickly. Making it easy for him to contact you with a call link or booking form may tip him in your favour. Practicality, price and confidence/warmth could be a winning combination for them. Looking for reviews from similar people, and info on first home buyer facts.
  • Dahlia Downsize - is experienced this is the 3rd property of her marriage. She wants simplicity, but has plenty of time to ponder. Video marketing on Facebook while Dahlia is looking at daily updates from the kids/grandkids could be effective. Friendly, approachable but professional language and good reviews will attract them. Dahlia will look for opportunities, existing and new, and data related to their next investment including long term return and viability of their purchase. Info and help in new online processes will be valuable.

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Landing Pages for Conveyancers 

Your landing page is a dedicated page that users land on after they click on a link in an email, your Google Business Profile or SERP, or from your paid ad campaigns. 

The difference between a landing page and a web page is that your landing page has a single focus or objective. While your Homepage and website pages may have many goals and encourage users to explore, your landing page for your conveyancing firm is a call to action.

It’s one goal is to increase conversions for your marketing - that’s it. There’s usually nowhere for the user to go but move along the sales funnel the way you want them to - or back off. 

So how does one little page do so much more than you're website? It's the focus - all of the below elements are tailored or targeted to your goal. The most effective landing pages have the these elements: 

  • A compelling headline
  • A promising sub-header
  • Social proof
  • Relevant images or video
  • Storytelling copy (or video)
  • Benefits to your service
  • One clear CTA (and a secondary one is often acceptable - it's related to the pages goal) 
  • Consistent design and branding of your firm

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Final Word

Digital marketing encompasses a holistic approach to the way you attract customers,  empower your team, and drive your firm’s innovation and growth. 

Getting the right tools into your sales and marketing processes has an abundance of benefits. 

  • It’s cost effective and will offer a higher return on investment than what you are likely seeing in your current activities. It will improve your conversion rate. 
  • It’s perfect for small firms, as it evens the competitive playing field. 
  • It’s in your control; the amount you spend, and the customisation of your marketing. You can change and adapt it at any time. 
  • You know your customers best, so you can get in front of the right people, at the right time effectively; no wasting time on time wasters. 
  • It’s transparent and it’s measurable. You and your team can identify what’s working and what’s not, empowering everybody to take stock and make improvements where necessary. 

Here at Skypoynt, we know our Conveyancer Growth Program will offer your conveyancing firm all of the above and more. 

We are so sure we can improve your conversion rates, that we offer a CRO Guarantee if there are no improvements after 3 months. We will work with your firm for FREE* until there is.

We also offer our program exclusively to only one conveyancing operator in any LGA throughout Australia, so we can work with you to outrun your direct competition.

Make an appointment to talk to us - or just give us a call. We are here to help you grow.

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