Skypoynt’s Digital Growth System 


Skypoynt’s retained services are all about 90-day sprint cycles where insights and data are collected to help you identify high-impact opportunities to implement. Our Growth Orbit services are unique; you control your own transformation according to your budget and business growth activities. 


The 5 Stages of our Digital Growth System

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90 Day Sprint Cycles 

Is another way to describe our Growth Orbits, which are based on the sprint framework methodology to improve on your action items. During each cycle, together we will undertake: 

  • Summit meetings: to plan on the focus metric that you want to improve from your wishlist. These are prioritised by impact and value in the timeframes. 
  • Development: we build on the action items that are brainstored and prioritised in the summit meetings.
  • Reporting: based on the reviews and data analysis we learn about your audiences, what works and what doesn't, to help deploy the ideas generated as we move into the following cycles. 
  • Transferal of knowledge: to departments, so that the teams and software can work together to make adjustments and optimize marketing, sales and other aspects of the business. 

Core 4 Growth Pillars 

Using key growth pillars, we aim to gain traction throughout your Growth Orbits for optimisation of your digital transformation.

  1. Attention: in short you need to increase and maintain traffic to your site and business through a combination of SEO, content marketing, and search marketing.
  2. Experiences: once you have them the customer experience is critical. We will develop ways to capture feedback from your customers as they interact with your business and you. 
  3. Relationships: your data integrations can help you streamline your business practices and give you critical data for decisions through your Growth Orbits. We help you manage those integrations based on your Wishlists and long term objectives. 
  4. Insights: by leveraging data enabled through your LaunchPad we can identify sustainable and lasting strategies for growth. 



Control Your Investment 

Our Skypoynt unique Point System means that you are investing in value - not paying for the jobs we do. We calculate our costs and point system based on investment value (your Wishlist items) against the outcomes. 

Our aim is that through your Growth Orbits your investment will be ROI positive, and that the growth will be self-funded and sustainable.

Why Growth Orbits deliver results.

Throughout each Growth Orbit (90 day action cycle), insights and data is collected which can help you identify the high-impact actions you can take to grow your business.

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