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Digital Insight is the ability to gain an accurate and comprehensive understanding of a businesses mistakes and potential opportunities by looking at the one thing that can never knowingly lie. The Data.

Digital activities generates a lot of data, many organisations fail to understand how to use much of the data they collect.


Insights measure effectiveness and ROI. They provide strategic direction and help make the investment case for broader transformations across the business.





Strategy and Objectives

Understanding the goals and objectives of digital transformation for any organisation should take precedence over virtually all other activities. Goals and objectives establish a roadmap to which strategy can be attached to. detailed month by month program forecasts set forth a means of surety to progress in the early stages of digital transformation.



Closed Loop Reporing

Having true insight in to the impact that digital transformation and specifically the usage of the Digital Growth System is vital. They way to achieve this is to look at reporting as a living part of your campaign assets. Implementing Digital Transformation always results in the growth and expansion of digital asssets, content and traffic and lead sources. For this reason it is vital for frequent auditing and review of asset conversion measurement points is a must.


Customer Insights

You customers are your best source of fuel for growth, the third channel within the Insights pillar of the Digital Growth System is Customer Insights. Customer Insights refers to activities that reach out to customers and obtain real world feedback. 

Having a thorough and professional Insight collecting strategy improves the amount and value of customer insight data that you will collect.


Gain Deep Insights

Let's be honest, HubSpot is not something you can learn inside out, overnight and in addition to this, they are constantly tweaking and re-designing the tools. Yes, the improvements are often welcome, like the new navigation, service hub and other programs the came out at Inbound 2018, or still in beta, that make it the up-to-date powerhouse it is. They can, however leave you feeling a little on the back foot.

This isn’t even considering the fact that an Inbound approach to marketing involves a lot of work - roughly 100 hours per month, to be specific. Churning out a blog post every week and sending the odd email will not give you an automatic deluge of leads - this takes investment, time, and most importantly it takes iteration. However, what if your data isn't being captured correctly? Your HubSpot instance may have been set up correctly when you first signed up, but both the platform and your business have come a long way since then, and it can never hurt to have someone give everything a once over to make sure everything is still working together harmoniously.

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