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In the noisy competitive world of today, having an effective attention strategy to market your business has never been so paramount.

For every business, strategically investing in activities to build digital attention is fundamental for generating new leads and opportunities to get in front of new potential customers.




CRM Integration

An integrated CRM (Contact Relationship Management tool)  governs marketing and sales process to maximise efficiency and focus on the customer. CRM tools like HubSpot provide zero cost solutions that can automats a lot of the data entry activities which often slow down sales people. When integrated, an integrated CRM means more deals and less data entry!



nurturing is the process of building relationships with your prospects with the goal of earning their business
when the customer is ready to buy.

In the Digital Growth System, nurturing plays a pivotal role in Relationship pillar. By focussing on authentic personalised messaging, and looping in real human interaction across the nurturing flow, businesses can achieve what we like to call 'scaleable authenticity'.



When we say automation, we’re referring to software that is built or licensed with the goal of automating your business, marketing, or sales actions.

Business professionals have to automate repetitive tasks, such as emails, social media, and other website actions, or they want to build systems of automated workflows that help them streamline and manage their outreach in order for them to be able focus more of their time on growing authentic relationships with actual qualified leads. Automation technology can make these tasks easier and helps you deliver tailored content to your contacts at the right time and at scale.


Gain Deep Insights

Let's be honest, HubSpot is not something you can learn inside out, overnight and in addition to this, they are constantly tweaking and re-designing the tools. Yes, the improvements are often welcome, like the new navigation, service hub and other programs the came out at Inbound 2018, or still in beta, that make it the up-to-date powerhouse it is. They can, however leave you feeling a little on the back foot.

This isn’t even considering the fact that an Inbound approach to marketing involves a lot of work - roughly 100 hours per month, to be specific. Churning out a blog post every week and sending the odd email will not give you an automatic deluge of leads - this takes investment, time, and most importantly it takes iteration. However, what if your data isn't being captured correctly? Your HubSpot instance may have been set up correctly when you first signed up, but both the platform and your business have come a long way since then, and it can never hurt to have someone give everything a once over to make sure everything is still working together harmoniously.

Sign up for a free portal health check, where one of our experts will walk and talk you through your entire instance over a half hour video chat and identify any issues they can find!

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