Skypoynt’s Digital Growth System 


The strategic phase of the Skypoynt DGS consists of an assessment of your current software and a workshop with your team or stakeholders to identify gaps to plan the alignment of your digital landscape to your business growth objectives. 


The 5 Stages of our Digital Growth System

The Digital Growth System Strategy Stage Lays The Foundation For Successful Digital Transformations


Clear Objectives

With clear objectives and checkpoints for your transformation journey in place, the strategy stage sets you up to build toward your desired results - fast.


A DGS strategy lays out a roadmap that applies rapid development using Lean and Agile development techniques, that gets your digital transformation off the ground in 30 - 60 days.

Sustainable Growth

Putting strategy before tactics enables a wish list of priorities giving us a logical approach to digital transformation that is self-funded and sustainable for the organisation.

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Org-Stack Assessment

The average employee uses at least 8 apps to complete their job*

Skypoynt's Org-Stack Assessment provides business executives with a visual overview of the software being used across an organisation. 

Assessment features: 

  • Visualise where software is, and is not deployed across your business model.
  • Spot any software overlaps or gaps preventing an optimised digital business model.
  • Assess the level of integration between apps and spot improvement opportunities.
  • Compare the technology deployed across your businesses with the software deployed commonly in your industry.

*Blissfully 2019 Annual SaaS Trends Report

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Stack Day Workshop

3 hour intensive workshop to roadmap digital priorities and timelines.

In this 3 hour interactive workshop, we work directly with your team to review the findings of your Org Stack Assessment.

Outcomes of the workshop

  • Align business objectives to a set of smart digital goals.
  • Prioritise digital transformation activities for your organisation.
  • Set an implementation roadmap that maximises efficiency while minimising business disruption.
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DGS Financial Forecast Model

Gain a detailed understanding of what financial impacts may be in a digital transformation.

Skypoynt together with you and your business will identify the key things to make this happen, and will also help you rank them as what's most important at the LaunchPad phase. This is done by considering expected impact, impacted metrics, cost required for development and completion definition. 

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