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Prices quoted are in most cases accurate but please be advised there may be some adjustments where in some unique circumstances. 

Is there a lock-in contract period? What are the costs?

Skypoynt requires commitment from you for the first phase of the campaign. This is your only lock-in period.

The initial costs will include your elected monthly package fee as outlined below in our fee structure + one single unique onboarding/set-up payment for our services.

What is the monthly package fee structure? 

The Skypoynt monthly fee consists of your elected ad spend budget +15% of your ad spend + our fixed service fee. 

Our fixed monthly service fee options or packages are dependent on the level of service you require: Fast: $1,600 | Faster: $2,800 | Fastest: $5,800.

Example Conveyancing Company purchased the Faster program (Ads, Landing pages, CRM) plus had an advertising budget of $2,000 per month, the total costs would be as follows:

Fixed fees (Faster) = $2,800 

Ad budget = $2,000 

Percentage fee @15% of budget = $300

Example Conveyancing Company Total investment = $5,100 per month


What is Skypoynt's billing cycle? 



What are the setup or onboarding costs? What do they include? 

All of our packages offer the fundamental Google Ad setup or audit that includes: 

  • Setup of single search ad campaign 
  • Conveyancing keyword
  • Creative search ad copywriting
  • PPC Call Tracking
  • Search Ad Extensions setup
  • Ad Quality Score enhancements


Package variances are as follows: 


Fast Package = $800


  • Google Search Ad Campaign setup or audit. 
  • Google Analytics goals for conversion tracking setup/audit.

Faster Package = $2,400


  • Campaign performance forecasting
  • Google Search Ad Campaign setup or audit 
  • Google Analytics goals for conversion tracking setup/audit.
  • HubSpot CRM installation
  • HubSpot Landing Page for Conveyancing design and development


Fastest package = $2,800


  • Campaign performance forecasting
  • Google Search Ad Campaign setup or audit 
  • Google Analytics goals for conversion tracking setup/audit.
  • HubSpot CRM installation
  • HubSpot Landing Page for Conveyancing design and development
  • SEO Audit and recommendations report. (report looks like this)

Is there a minimum ad budget spend required? 

No. There is no minimum budget. 

However, we will provide you with a recommended budget spend that considers your goals and your expected return on investment.

I am aleady running Google Ads, can Skypoynt still help me?

Yes we can - we can review your current ads and ad groups, analyse your past data, identify additional or overlooked keywords and optimise your ads for immediate improvement and/or return on investment.

Can we use our own existing CRM tool?

Yes, however, you will get the best results if your CRM is Google compliant.

How long until launch? How soon will we see results? 

In most cases, you will be advised of a launch date as soon as the agreement is in place, but a few things have an effect on launch and results. 

Launch time will be dependent on the scope of the engagement, your goals, and the assets in place to assist the campaign. The services you retain us for, coupled with the greatness of your goals can mean a higher monthly fee, but it can also mean things happen faster. 

However, fundamentally no matter the variables, our system is already in place and geared to kick off and get results almost immediately.

How many work hours do you dedicate to our account?

That’s tailored to your specific needs, where required. 

Although at Skypoynt, we don’t really charge by the hour, as your monthly fee already factors in all the services that are needed to meet your goals. A small part of our service fee also allows limited leeway for ‘emergencies’ or extensions of our services.

How regular are communications? What does your reporting look like? 

The upside of being a small team and you being our retained clients is that we are always here for you. You will be able to contact Skypoynt staff in the first person whenever necessary. 

Aside from that, we offer monthly update reports as standard, with more frequent contact and updates in the launch period. Depending on your goals and needs, your reporting calendar will be outlined in your agreement.

What comes with Hubspot CRM? 

Hubspot CRM is the best platform for purpose - the capabilities are exhaustive. Among some of things it can do: 

  • Track leads and customers
  • Create timelines of your interactions with customers
  • Chat in real-time with prospects
  • Integrate with Gmail and Outlook
  • Aggregate communications from emails or social media
  • Create tasks and goals for your team
  • Add team profiles
  • And loads more.

Learn more about HubSpot's features here.

Can you give a prediction of future performance and ROI?

We can, and offer this if it’s part of your package.

How do we know Skypoynt is the right fit for us - even if they have had success with other conveyancing firms?

We understand that engaging an agency isn’t easy. Some agencies offer promises that they can’t keep and some just don’t listen. 

On top of ensuring that we understand your goals and align with your ethos, we will also meet with you face to face (online where necessary) to ensure we culturally fit with your team. We know that you can’t please everyone all the time; we want to enhance your capabilities, and we want you to be happy to work with us.

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