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How Skypoynt Helps Organisations with Google Ad Grants

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Google Ad Grants allow non-government, income tax exempt non-profit organisations to put Google to work for you. Amplifying your message and helping grow your not-for-profit organisation through the use of free value-in-kind PPC advertising worth up to $16,000 AUD. Skypoynt is proud to work with eligible not-for-profit organisations to maximise the performance of these ads and therefore, your return on investment.

With help from Skypoynt, you can improve your core mission’s visibility, attract new donors and accelerate event signups while you remain focused on doing what you do best: providing aid, awareness and support to those who really need it.

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Global Giving's Use Of The Ad Grants Management Program For Their Marketing Campaigns

The Google Ad Grants program is available to non-government income tax exempt (ITE) non-profit organisations as defined by the Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission (ACNC) and/or the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)


Our Charity Partners Include

Logo from Hepatitis Australia, An Australian Charity Supporting The Other Hepatitis Not For Profit Organisations Across Australia Logo from Mawson's Huts, An Australian Charity Dedicated To Preserving The Memories Of Our Great Antarctic Explorers And Educating The Community About Henry Mawson PHD

PPC Management Services & Not For Profit Organisations

Your Google Ad Grant Search Ad will appear in the 'ad area' at the top or bottom of Google when your campaign is live

If your not-for-profit organisation is looking to reach a wider audience you should consider using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Google’s Ad Grants program is an ideal solution. However, if you’re busy running your organisation, you may not have time to set up, test, and optimise your PPC ads. You may not have time for Google Grants management, either.

Skypoynt, a leading PPC agency, offers not-for-profit PPC management services at an affordable cost for organisations utilising the Google Ad Grants program. Refer to our pricing chart below to learn more about how we can help you set up, monitor, and maintain your PPC ads so you can keep your core focuswhile your organisation reaches the most people online as possible.

Which Organisations Are Eligible For Google Ad Grants?

Organizations interested in applying for Google Ad Grants must be an registered charity or not-for-profit organisation. They must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a current 501(c)(3) status with a valid EIN
  • Have an operating website
  • Do not currently use AdSense ads, affiliate advertising, or request non-traditional donations (e.g. property donations)
  • Must not be a government agency, academic institution, childcare center, or medical organisation

These are fairly simple requirements for Google Grants PPC. However, there are a few exclusions to the rules above—for example, philanthropic educational programs (like church-sponsored preschool or early learning programs) are permitted. Get in contact with us today for more information.

If your organisation does not meet these criteria, but you are still interested in starting an affordable PPC campaign to attract new donors or leads, you might want to check out our commercial management pricing instead.

Not For Profit 'Fred Hollows Foundation' Is Using Google Ad Grants To Help Amplify Their Message

Google Ad Grants Management Pricing

Please note: Google provides Google Ad Grants in $USD (United States Dollar) which means that all of the ad values are in $USD. All service charges and fees from Skypoynt are deemed Australian Dollars unless specifically specified. Due to limitations set by Google, Skypoynt cannot make any guarantees for the exact amount of monthly PPC spend within your Ad Grants account. Your account manager will provide their best estimate as to what level of monthly ad spend is possible after an initial analysis of your account.

Not For Profit 'Kiwis For Kiwi' Is Using Google Ad Grants To Help Amplify Their Message

What is the Google Ad Grants Program?

The Google Ad Grants program provides eligible not for profit organisations with up to $10,000 USD each month (or $329USD per day) in free PPC advertising through its AdWords program. These PPC ads are intended to attract more visitors and donors to the nonprofit’s website. It’s important to note that while Google Grants PPC operates similarly to regular ad programs, it is made specifically to help nonprofits extend their reach.
Ads created through the Ad Grants program show at the top and sides of search results on Google. Only not-for-profit organisations are eligible for Ad Grants, and there are some restrictions on eligibility, which you’ll learn about below.

Google Ad Grants Can Even Help Environmental Not For Profit Organisations

What Does Skypoynt’s Ad Grants Management Program Include?

All of Skypoynt’s PPC management plans include a dedicated Google Adwords Certified Account Manager that will be responsible for monitoring, adjusting, and reporting on your Google Grant advertising account. This account manager will be available to answer questions about the performance of your ads, and will continuously review and adjust your targeted keywords to ensure that your not-for-profit organisation is reaching the widest audience possible online.
In addition to a dedicated Account Manager, your Ad Grants plan will also come with monthly performance reporting that allows you to see just how many clicks and conversions your ads drove. This knowledge will allow you to make smarter decisions about the words and phrases to target, and how to better spend your monthly advertising budget.


Benefits of PPC for Nonprofits

With effective Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, you can promote your not-for-profits programs and events on the most popular search engine in the world; and a Google Grant provides not-for-profits with essentially a funded advertising campaign budget.

One of the main benefits of PPC advertising is that results are instantaneous. If you’re trying to quickly drive traffic to your organisation’s website, this advertising is a great option. In fact, if you’re approved, you can begin sending qualified traffic to your website as soon as your ads go live.

PPC advertising also allows us to work together to test a variety of keywords and advertisements to determine what attracts the most traffic to your website. Then, you can incorporate those insights into your website copy and marketing materials to better resonate with your target audience.
By sharing your message with people who are likely to engage with your mission, your nonprofit can achieve greater visibility, more donations, and more volunteers.

The Ad Grant Program Supports Not-for-profits of all sizes, find out if you’re eligible now!

 The Ad Grant Program Supports Not-for-profits of all sizes, find out if you’re eligible now!