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To gain an online presence and facilitate growth ability.

As the business gains traction, the need for a digital presence becomes vital.

A digital presence will validate referrals to the business, and give the business a platform to grow.


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Executive Summary 

Shaun, the Sales Director at In2Print Solutions, had been working for some big printing corporations  for over 20 years. So, with his extensive experience gained in the  automated print industry he decided to venture out on his own, starting his business in 2019. 

Much of his business was coming in by referrals from satisfied customers passing on their recommendations. Shaun had no insight into the benefits of having a website. 

One of our clients, Roy Kowarski,  from Out There Branding, introduced Shaun to Tom, our Director. Through the meeting and conversations, Shaun realised that gaining an online presence with a new website would be beneficial to his business, and his clients. 

Shaun had worked for some big companies, and he didn’t want his business to be about ‘brands’, he wanted a holistic approach. He wanted to offer solutions that included his sales and service, his ability to offer financial solutions, and the most suitable product and/or brand together for potential clients. 

Reflecting on that meeting with Tom, Shaun told us:

"First meetings with me are critical and I knew from my initial meeting with Tom that this was a company I was happy to engage with. His approach was extremely professional and gave me a few ideas to think about as we moved across to the next phase.” 


The Brand: In2Print Solutions 

Shaun took time getting his branding right. He devised his colour palette and fonts, and the design of his own logo saw him incorporating the 2 into the printer reference in the business name. He believes it conveys the holistic approach to the services he offers.

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The Brief

Shaun wanted a clean website that communicated the whole service approach he was taking with his business. Shaun told us he also was willing to go beyond the urban sprawl to small communities, unlike many of his competitors. 

He wasn’t concerned with bells and whistles, he wanted the website to be simple and easy to use, but thorough enough when he directed prospective clients to it, that it validated his business and experience, and gave clients all the information they needed

When he engaged Skypoynt, we immediately deployed an interim Landing Page at his new domain The simple page announced that the new website was in development and it included a form for potential clients to contact Shaun. He liked the contact form, so we carried that over to his website when it went into development. 

Keeping It Simple: The Website 

We started with a sitemap that was simple and straightforward, and covered off the main aspects of his business offerings. We selected WordPress as theCMS, due to it’s easy use and it’s flexibility; Shaun can make changes and extend its functionality as needed moving forward. 

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The Content 

We had no content and limited imagery to start with, which meant that all the content needed to be devised or sourced. The fact that the website was to be clean, and had minimal textual content made the task relatively simple; we gained much of the information just through talking with Shaun, and researching best practices. 

The text content was written by one of our team who is a content writer, it needed to be  minimal and informative. We used relevant stock images, including authorised images supplied by the client. 

Shaun had also spoken to us communicating his availability to travel; to go outside the CBD and suburbs. We communicated this through a couple of header lines on the “About” and “Contact Us” page, as they tied in with the page topics and no further explanation was necessary. 

Home Page 

Shaun wanted his business to be about the encompassing service, and the best solutions for his clients, as per the business name.

Brands he was working with were not the priority,  so we tried to put more emphasis on the services that he offered as part of the solution, not the products.

We believe by keeping it simple the Home Page demonstrates his services holistically as a single solution. 

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Printers, Service & Finance Pages

As per the brief, these pages were minimalist while still aiming to convey the range of options as a complete solution for business.

The imagery was relevant, mostly Adobe stock images, so it was economic and non-specific, keeping in line with the objective that brands weren’t the focus. 

The only images that the client provided were for the Printers page, which came from one of the brands that he partner with. However we kept the brand still anonymous (to the untrained eye); and they were only used to showcase the range, size and options for the site visitor. 

The Form

We deployed a simple form onto all of the pages, and used that opportunity to reiterate that Shaun was available outside the CBD and greater Sydney. The form options also put the user in control, they are able to communicate by text box the exact nature of their enquiry. 


The Result 

We were happy with the end product, it met with the brief, and looked good. Don’t take our word for it though, Shaun was very forthcoming when we asked him for his testimonial. 

At all times lines of communications were open, I felt extremely comfortable reaching out to him and Deb in regards to any questions I had. I can honestly say I didn’t have high expectations in relation to the website, in saying this, once the site was completed I felt it was a true reflection of Tom and Deb’s professionalism, the site was smooth, clean, vibrant and it also gives me the flexibility to add more functions as my business grows.”

Mission accomplished, and we look forward to continuing to work with Shaun as he moves with the growth of his business. 

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