Having a strategic digital operations plan empowers the workforce with knowledge on the relationship between digital, new technologies, and the business model.

Digital Operations Management

Your operating model is a new way of running the organisation that combines the core business model with digital technologies and operations capabilities in an integrated, well-sequenced way to achieve step-change improvements in the organisations operational activities.


A complete and tested financial model of the business, provides opportunities to spot business strengths and potential weaknesses before they become a reality.

From the strategic level, we work with you to design a business model that visualises revenue streams and how digital transformation may impact them.



When it comes to tools and technology, our business leaders are spoilt for choice! By employing the right technology stack, businesses can be organised in super efficient ways and become more profitable, sooner. 

However, with so many technologies and apps available, doing your homework is critical. While the right apps improve the likelihood of success, the impact of the wrong tools in your technology stack can profoundly impact the bottom line. 

Working with Skypoynt to gain clarity of the right digital tools and mitigate the risk of loosing your way through the turbulent eco-system of digital business technologies.


It's no secret that process equals profit! But as more tools and technologies pile in to modern organisation, a fundamental business question is often overlooked: 

Are your processes maximising the tools and technologies in your organisations tech stack?

Skypoynt provide support in the development and documentation of digital processes via workshops, consulting, support services and design services.


The Digital Imperative

Every company must embrace its digital future. Making the right strategic moves at the right time not only boosts growth in the short term, but also secures your business for the future.

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Success Stories


Operations process plan and custom technology integration optimises Sydney accounting firm operations and leads to profit margin improvements.

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Workshop to explore the business model for membership dependant non profit see's increase in memberships for NSW non profit organisation

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Financial model uncovers opportunity to improve revenue generation from paid search engine marketing campaigns by 30% overnight!

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Valerie Woods

Marketing Director - Playgroup NSW

"Tom from Skypoynt presented a very insightful, hands-on and practical Google AdWords workshop to our team. He provided us with excellent tools for us to use."


Nate Kellock

Principal - ENKE Accounting 

"I always viewed Skypoynt as a digital services business. But Skypoynt is much more than that... They build and install digital systems!"

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