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[BlogPost 5722358265 The Google Review Hubspot Module by Skypoynt]

The Google Review Hubspot Module by Skypoynt

Welcome to the documentation for the Google My Business Review Module for Hubspot! This module is an easy way to display the latest reviews your business receives in a controlled and automated way, without the headache of having to copy and paste by hand the good things your customers say about you online.

Setting Up The Google My Business HubSpot Module by Skypoynt

To set this module up correctly, there are a couple of steps to take including finding and linking your Google My Business 'Place ID', as well as obtaining a Google Maps Javascript API Key.

Place ID

The first of these two steps is simple. In the below box, type the name of your business and select it from the read-ahead dropdown that appears. (You will only show up if you're registered with Google My Business, if you're not go here to create a free Google My Business Listing for your business.)

Copy your Place ID from the popup that appears on the map, and paste it into the module in HubSpot. Easy!

Enter your business name below to obtain your Place ID

Place ID


Where to paste the Google My Business Place ID that you obtain from the above ID Finder

Fig 1.1 The interface of the module and where you paste the Place ID once you obtain it from the above finder.


Step 2: Obtaining Your Google Maps Javascript API

 Head to and sign up for/sign in a free Google account. Once you've done this, search for "Google Maps Javascript API", select it and then go to "Get A Key" in the top right of the page. 

In the pop up window that opens up, create a new project and hit next to receive your Google Maps Javascript API. Copy and paste this key into the Google Reviews Module and it should work straight away, however you should adjust your security settings to stop anyone else appropriating your key for their own site.

 Fig 1.2 The window containing your API key.


Other Settings and API Limits

There are two other settings you can change in the module, minimum review score and amount of reviews. Due to API limits the max amount of reviews we're able to display are your 5 most recent reviews, which are then filtered by the module to display only the reviews above your chosen minimum score. This means that if your 5 most recent reviews are 1 star, and you select 3 to be your minimum review it won't display anything.

If you have any questions, or difficulties using this module, please send an email through to and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible!

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Posted by Jay Whitelock on 26/04/2018 10:58:58 AM
Jay Whitelock