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Search Engine Optimisation 

SEO is a process of progressive improvements to various elements of your website to ensure your pages and content rank in search engines and bring in new relevant traffic. 


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Fact: Managing a website can be complicated and technical

Taking the time to optimise your website will help you achieve the business goals that you care about! 

Skypoynt’s SEO services encompass all of the technical and marketing techniques used to acquire traffic to your website organically.


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begin with a search engine
(Source: BrightEdge)



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(Source: BrightEdge)


Content Strategy

We will work with you to plan, implement and/or improve your website content, to create an optimal experience for your users.

On-Page SEO

Skypoynt will invest time in activities to ensure that your webpages are technically sound to  allow search engines to read, identify, understand and rank them. 

Link Outreach

To enhance your content reach and impact we apply a proactive approach to link building. Our services provide you with the resources to help make link outreach successful.

Why SEO is important for Conveyancers

When it comes to deciding on where to invest marketing dollars, many conveyancers can be forgiven for going all-in on paid search ads, as opposed to the long-tail activity of SEO. 

Sure, Google Ads, coupled with strong performing landing pages is a recipe for short term results. 

However, the strategy has a few flaws: 

  • Continuous investment is required to generate ongoing results
  • Increased competition in Search Advertising, means rising costs. The average cost per click for high-value keywords has risen significantly; from $5.56 at the start of 2017, to the current average of $9.82 in Q2 2021. 
  • Just as fast, when you stop investing, the pipeline of healthy leads stops too. 

When you invest in your SEO, the main objective is to eventually rely on paid advertising less. As your website pages and content organically become a more relevant, trusted source of information and services, paid marketing can become less critical to your business, which could mean less investment required. 


Did you know we provide our clients with a lead generation performance guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 

SEO Guarantee

At Skypoynt, we pride ourselves on helping our clients stand out from their competition. 

While we don’t guarantee specific SEO performance results, we do back our services.  

*Our service guarantee  is that following 6 months of continuous SEO services we will increase the organic traffic to your website. 

*Only available on  FASTEST Growth Programs


SEO Service Inclusions 

When you team with Skypoynt to improve your website SEO, you are working with a team that has proven experience in SEO performance for conveyancers. SEO activities we engage for your campaign can include:


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Keyword Research

Better CTR

Creation of Original Topics

Creative Copywriting

Content Editing

Page Meta Descriptions

Image Optimization

Building Gated (Protected) Content

Content Writing

On-Page Optimization

Domain Rating Improvement

Increased On-Site Time

Omnichannel Content Distribution

Retargeting Ads

IP Identification

High-Converting Popups

Conversion Rate Optimization

First-Party Data Implementation

Stronger Data & Analytics

Editorial Calendar Strategies

Bounce Rate Minimization

Internal Linking Improvement

Content Partnerships

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